Sunday, March 30, 2008

General YW Meeting

I have the wonderful opportunity to serve in the Stake YW presidency with Jean Schermerhorn and Kelli Summers. Both of these Sisters are examples of righteousness and I LOVE spending time with them.

Last night was the LDS Church YW General Meeting and it was an awesome meeting. Can I just say I LOVE President Tanner, Sister Dalton and Sister Cook. They have such a special spirit about them and it was great to hear them councel the girls in being Steadfast and Immoveable.
The music was amazing! The choir sang several very beautiful songs with my favorite being "Press Forward Saints". The arrangement was very pretty.

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Kim C. said...

you guys gave such a great lesson today! I missed the broadcast last night because we were coming home from St. George and I'm sad that I did. I love to hear the messages that the General presidency shares and also the member of the 1st presidency.