Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm getting old... (my) babies are graduating

Ok, so their not really MY babies but Tomorrow is our High School Graduation and there are quite a few girls I know ( kind of helps with my calling) graduating.

The one that really makes me feel old though is Jamie. I remember when she was born and giving her mom a red dot dress with little red shoes and now look at her, she is on her way into the big world. This picture is of her graduating from college with her AAS.

From our ward alone, we have Jamie, Janice ( you go girl), Shelby, Katie, Lyndsey, Syd, and Liz. I remember when they were so young and in Primary. Where has the time gone?!

Good Luck tomorrow. I love you all!!

Quilt class FLOP!!!

OK, I am not really sure why they keep coming. I am not a great teacher and tonight took the cake. Tonights quilt block was called "card Tricks" and when I put it on the board to show how it goes together, I had sewn a couple of the blocks the wrong way so it didnt fit. Dahhhhh!!!

The President comes to town!

No matter what your feeling are regarding President Bush, it was really cool to have him here in Utah. I think the best thing he did while here was visit with the our church leaders. I thought it was very poignant for him to say he would never miss a visit with the LDS leaders because they spread the word of love.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, and more quilts

Here are a few quilts I have been working on. More to come as I am so hooked.....

Peyton's Shower

My neice Kyndra is 6 years old ( going on 26) and since before her mommy had her baby sister Peyton, she has been planning this baby shower. She had everything planned down to the favors. Well, Peyton is their 3rd child so Leeann didnt think they needed to have a shower. Kyndra insisted and we finally had the shower on Saturday.

About a week after she was born, Kyndra came in my room with a pattern book tabbed to a diaper bag she was commissioning me to make for her mom. She picked out the colors and let me go to work. A couple of weeks later, she asked me "so how is the diaper bag coming along"? I finished it and showed it to her and she told me "I am so impressed".

She is such a thoughtful little girl and always thinks of others. I love you Kyndra!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day weekend...

I know alot of people use this weekend as the first big camping weekend and this year I say more power to ya! It is May 23rd and it snowed today in some of the mountains so it will be a cold trip not to mention gas is at $3.89 a gallon. ouch!!!!

Our family has an annual tradition that we meet Monday morning at 9:00 and have breakfast. It is usually outside but the weather this year may force us inside. cross your fingers it is nice. After breakfast, we go to my Grandpa and Grandma Burnett and Moulton's graves. The rest of the day is spent doing what ever we feel like including a BBQ later that day.

This hasnt always been the tradition. I remember we use to get out of school the friday before Memorial Day and then we always left on a family vacation the next day. Since my family consisted of 8 kids our vacations were camping trips or trips down to Dead Horse Point, Monument Valley, or someplace south. We did go to Canada to see my cousins and then to Yellowstone Park once but I LOVED these vacations. We are truly blessed to live in a state where we can be camping in a matter of minutes ( Spruces up Big Cottonwood), boating at a number of lakes or in a few hours drive in one of many national parks.

With gas prices at $3.89 a gallon this year, I was suprised to see how many people were on the roads with their campers and trailors. Have fun!!!!

and the winner is...

David Cook. I am bumbed that David A didnt win but then 2nd best isnt all that bad. He will do great things. I've heard he has been invited to sing with the Tab choir as their Christmas guest and they don't let just anyone sing with them. Way to go David!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol

WOW!! David A was spot on last night in his performances. I did my share of voting for him so I guess we shall see how he does.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"The Host"

I don't know if any of you have read the Twilight trilogy by Stephanie Meyer but she has just released a new book called "The Host".
My BF Wendy got me hooked on them last October when I went to visit her in New York and I had the first book read by the time I left. Stephanie is a graduate of BYU and has quite the imagination. I can't wait to read her new book.

Friday, May 9, 2008


The royal treatment by some of Murray's finest but then I am a little partial to the front one on the left.

Big Budda from Fox 13 introducing David

Ok so Dana and I had to leave work ( aww shucks) about 2:00 so we could get home and in our drive way before the crowds came. What a crowd it was. I would have to say there was definitely close to 10,000 there. We went over and stood on the football field and watched all of the festivities. here are a few pictures. It was fun to see everyone so excited and the noise from the crowds were deafening. None the less, it was fun fun fun.

David is such a cutie and is truely genuine in his meekness. I hope he wins the whole thing.

Garrett was dancing to the music that they had blaring from 8 foot speakers. He was so cute.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Holy smoke...actually ashes!!!!

I heard on the news this morning about a volcano in Chile but figured it was far away from my nephew Jordan who is serving a mission in Osorno Chile.

Well, apparently a couple of weeks ago he was transfered to a beautiful coastal fishing town called Chaiten. Guess where the volcano which had been dormant for 2000 years blew it's top at??? Yep, Chaiten Chile which from everything we have seen is 6 miles away from the town Jordan is in.

My brother said that in his email today he said he and his companion were able to get out with the clothes on their backs and very little else. He said the town evacuated the natives first and then anyone else but luckily they made it out of the town. He said his one and only suit he was wearing had ash burn marks from the ash which was raining down. He said they were able to throw what they could in a suitcase and get out which meant he left stuff behind which they arent sure he will be able to go back for.

Luckily Mothers day is Sunday and they get to talk to him and get some more first hand details but for right now, that is scary and amazing!! Here's a few pictures I pulled off the web.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Change is good!!! most of the time!!

We got a new Bishopric today and can I just say I LOVE the new Bishop. Gary was the bishop before this past one and he did an awesome job and helped me learn and grow so much. He is just like a second father and I am so happy for him. When I was thinking about who it would be, I thought of him but figured, no, they wouldnt put him back in since he was just released a few years ago. Obviously our ward needs something he has to offer.
Buck Corser is the new first counselor and know he will do a fantastic job. Kim, we are all here to help you with the kids...

I know it was very hard for the current men to be released and hope they know how much I loved and supported them. Robert S. was a tow the line kind of guy who said it like it was but had a heart of gold. Bishop Rylick was a very tender man who tried to do everything he could to help those in need.

Thanks for your hard faithful work!!!


My whole family ( which means there were quite a few "chiefs") came on Saturday and in one day put in a sprinkler system. It was great to see everyone working together and getting along for the most part.

Most of the time, I just love my family. I have a friend karen who would tell me quite often that I am very lucky that all of my family is active in the church and gets along. She hasnt been as lucky with her 2 brothers and sisters. There's 8 of us and let me tell you we certainly try to get along. There are the 5 married brothers and 2 other single sisters beside myself. I know, your saying " what's wrong with them". Not a thing! We just havent been as fortunate as others, or maybe we have been more fortunate depending on how you look at it. There are worst things in life than being single. I have chased quite a few men and just not found one that wanted to chase me as much. I've decided that if it is meant to be, someone will have to chase after me. I am tired of being the chaser.

Where did all that come from.... ok my ranting is over!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day, May Day!!!

Today is the first of May and it snowed!!!! Thankfully not enough to stick but come on, it's Spring. I don't want it to be 80 degrees everyday but a few days in the 70's would be nice.

It needs to be nice Friday and Saturday because my Brothers are coming to put in a sprinkler system. YEAH!!!!! Now if someone would invent an automatic lawn mower and weeder that would be great.