Sunday, May 4, 2008


Change is good!!! most of the time!!

We got a new Bishopric today and can I just say I LOVE the new Bishop. Gary was the bishop before this past one and he did an awesome job and helped me learn and grow so much. He is just like a second father and I am so happy for him. When I was thinking about who it would be, I thought of him but figured, no, they wouldnt put him back in since he was just released a few years ago. Obviously our ward needs something he has to offer.
Buck Corser is the new first counselor and know he will do a fantastic job. Kim, we are all here to help you with the kids...

I know it was very hard for the current men to be released and hope they know how much I loved and supported them. Robert S. was a tow the line kind of guy who said it like it was but had a heart of gold. Bishop Rylick was a very tender man who tried to do everything he could to help those in need.

Thanks for your hard faithful work!!!

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