Monday, May 5, 2008

Holy smoke...actually ashes!!!!

I heard on the news this morning about a volcano in Chile but figured it was far away from my nephew Jordan who is serving a mission in Osorno Chile.

Well, apparently a couple of weeks ago he was transfered to a beautiful coastal fishing town called Chaiten. Guess where the volcano which had been dormant for 2000 years blew it's top at??? Yep, Chaiten Chile which from everything we have seen is 6 miles away from the town Jordan is in.

My brother said that in his email today he said he and his companion were able to get out with the clothes on their backs and very little else. He said the town evacuated the natives first and then anyone else but luckily they made it out of the town. He said his one and only suit he was wearing had ash burn marks from the ash which was raining down. He said they were able to throw what they could in a suitcase and get out which meant he left stuff behind which they arent sure he will be able to go back for.

Luckily Mothers day is Sunday and they get to talk to him and get some more first hand details but for right now, that is scary and amazing!! Here's a few pictures I pulled off the web.


~Michelle Schafer said...

That is amazing, Shauna! I am so glad that your nephew is okay. Make sure to update us when you hear if he was able to go back and what he found there.

By the way, has he seen any penguins?

Shaunab said...

actually, yes he has. He is so in his element in Chile. This is the boy who just for the fun of it slept in a tent in his back yard thru the winter the year before he left. He also is a huge fisherman and was really excited to be in the little fishing villages. I'll keep you posted.

Aubrey said...

That is crazy! I have never seen anything like that! What an experience! I am so glad he is okay!

Lila Tueller said...

Holy Cow!!! I'm so glad they are O.K.!!! That is so never know about those volcanoes! I don't trust anything "dormant".
Thanks for your kind comments on my made my day!

Lila Tueller