Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm getting old... (my) babies are graduating

Ok, so their not really MY babies but Tomorrow is our High School Graduation and there are quite a few girls I know ( kind of helps with my calling) graduating.

The one that really makes me feel old though is Jamie. I remember when she was born and giving her mom a red dot dress with little red shoes and now look at her, she is on her way into the big world. This picture is of her graduating from college with her AAS.

From our ward alone, we have Jamie, Janice ( you go girl), Shelby, Katie, Lyndsey, Syd, and Liz. I remember when they were so young and in Primary. Where has the time gone?!

Good Luck tomorrow. I love you all!!


Mindy said...


I have been known to lurk around your blog too. I am always happy to see what old friends are up to. Your quilts are beautiful! I use the pink one you gave me all the time! Caitlin painted her crib bedding a few months ago so I am happy to have something pretty to put in there now.

Aubrey said...

Hey! I was going to ask you today and forgot! If you happen to come across some "ginger blossom" fabric, will you grab some for me and pay you back? I have been on a hunt for it, but everyone is sold out!:( 2 yards would be divine!:)
thanks my dear!