Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day, May Day!!!

Today is the first of May and it snowed!!!! Thankfully not enough to stick but come on, it's Spring. I don't want it to be 80 degrees everyday but a few days in the 70's would be nice.

It needs to be nice Friday and Saturday because my Brothers are coming to put in a sprinkler system. YEAH!!!!! Now if someone would invent an automatic lawn mower and weeder that would be great.

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~Michelle Schafer said...

Shauna, I just LOVE to read your blog!! I can hear you saying every word! You are wonderful! The sprinkling installation party looked like a lot of hard work, but wonderful time spent together. My favorite was driving by and seeing your mom and dad on the porch rocker, holding hands while everyone was working together. What a team!