Monday, May 26, 2008

Peyton's Shower

My neice Kyndra is 6 years old ( going on 26) and since before her mommy had her baby sister Peyton, she has been planning this baby shower. She had everything planned down to the favors. Well, Peyton is their 3rd child so Leeann didnt think they needed to have a shower. Kyndra insisted and we finally had the shower on Saturday.

About a week after she was born, Kyndra came in my room with a pattern book tabbed to a diaper bag she was commissioning me to make for her mom. She picked out the colors and let me go to work. A couple of weeks later, she asked me "so how is the diaper bag coming along"? I finished it and showed it to her and she told me "I am so impressed".

She is such a thoughtful little girl and always thinks of others. I love you Kyndra!!

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