Sunday, June 29, 2008

Youth Conference.

One of many games of Volleyball played during free time.
Line dancing...
First station of Amazing Race, Murray West style- Jean did an amazing job and had it planned down to the last detail.

Maria and Teagan doing the "Push against each other"

A few of our wards dance party poopers

Waiting for their clean up assignments.
When they said to clean every part of the chapel, some people ( Sharon)

took that to the extreme. :)

Teagan was a pro at cleaning walls.
Bishop Clark was one of our workshop speakers and he did a fabulous job on Peer Pressure.
I had the opportunity to spend the weekend ( Friday and Saturday) with the youth of our stake at Youth Conference. It was alot of fun and work to pull it off. I truly hope the youth and their leaders had a great time. I have to say we have some great youth and leaders in our ward and I LOVE spending time with them. Thanks for the wonderful examples you all are.

What an ugly chubby picture of me!!!! For as much sleep as we got that night, it was almost worthless setting up the "Hilton" aka my tent.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I LOVE Ariel !!!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm a home owner!!!

Well, ok it isnt really a home but it is when I go camping and it could be if the need ever arises. Isnt she a cutie!!! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

more quilts...

This is a table runner that I made from a test pattern I am doing for a pattern designer. It turned out cute. I need to get it quilted and then it will be done. Thanks Amanda. Everything pattern wise was great. I'll email you more.
This is a Hawaiian print one that needs to be quilted.
another view...
This one isnt done yet. But I wantd to post it anyway. I need to add the vines and leaves and finish the yo-yo buttons.

Family, It's about time!!!


Garrett was great watching the movie as long as he had his rootbeer and popcorn.

Max LOVES his Grandpa Craig. Uncle Chris taking a hit..
A game of Horse, Pickle or what ever you want to call it..
Max and Maleece

waiting for the pageant to start... Taryn was getting a bit cold. Peyton being cute...

time to leave...

At breakfast.. Peyton says, what about me.....

This past week on Thursday and Friday, was our annual Burnett family outing. This outing is my immediate family; parents, my brothers and sisters and their families.
Since we take turns being in charge, Scott & LouAnn were the lucky ones to plan this years event and it was alot of fun.

On Thursday, we went to Manti to see the Manti Miracle Pageant. It has been quite a few years since I last went and it was good. It didnt start until 9:30 so we ate at one of the street vendors they have set up and then went over and hung out saving seats. It was VERY cold and we were all huddled up in blankets and coats. Can you believe June and it was that cold! Oh well, it was fun. On the way back, Kyndra and I were walking and she was telling me how much she LOVED the pageant. She said she wanted her mom to buy the video! She is so funny!! She then tells me " This is the best pageant I have ever been to, and I've never seen one before." What a crack up. I guess shortly after it started, she turned to her dad and told him " Oh, I've heard this story before Dad, and it's a good one."

Thankfully we had rooms at the Temple View Motel (a nice motel for anyone wanting to know) and we only had to walk a block back to our nice warm rooms and bed.

On Friday, we pretty much just got up played around and then left. Later that evening we went to Scott and Lou's for a BBQ, games, and a movie. They had the projector outside and showed the National Treasure 2 on a sheet. It was pretty fun because some of us sat on the other side of the sheet. It was a little wierd when the names on the buildings were backwards.
That eveing everyone was there ( except the boy Taryn, we missed you!!) and appeared to be have fun. When you get 30+ people together, you never know.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have to say that I only went to Oakcrest as a girl one year and I didnt really like it. I LOVE it now. Every opportunity I have, I will go and I am so glad I was given the responsibility with my calling.

On Friday, Jamie invited Jean, Annette, and I to go to Oakcrest for the Friends and Family night. She had requested Dicks for dinner so before we headed to camp, we went to pick up dinner. As we got there, a flood of memories hit me. I LOVE going to the Uintahs and camping. When I was growing up, the ward had some pretty awesome ward outings up at Soapstone or Pine Valley. We use to go and camp the whole week and fish, bumb slide in the river or just play games. The evenings were spent around the camp fire singing to Darrel Johnson on the guitar or telling stories.

Back to fridays Oakcrest.... After we picked up dinner and went to Oakcrest, we sat on the lawn and had dinner with Jamie. After Dinner, we walked around and saw where she is calling home for the next 11 weeks and then went to the lodge for a program. Here are a few pictures.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This is NOT really me!!

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