Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have to say that I only went to Oakcrest as a girl one year and I didnt really like it. I LOVE it now. Every opportunity I have, I will go and I am so glad I was given the responsibility with my calling.

On Friday, Jamie invited Jean, Annette, and I to go to Oakcrest for the Friends and Family night. She had requested Dicks for dinner so before we headed to camp, we went to pick up dinner. As we got there, a flood of memories hit me. I LOVE going to the Uintahs and camping. When I was growing up, the ward had some pretty awesome ward outings up at Soapstone or Pine Valley. We use to go and camp the whole week and fish, bumb slide in the river or just play games. The evenings were spent around the camp fire singing to Darrel Johnson on the guitar or telling stories.

Back to fridays Oakcrest.... After we picked up dinner and went to Oakcrest, we sat on the lawn and had dinner with Jamie. After Dinner, we walked around and saw where she is calling home for the next 11 weeks and then went to the lodge for a program. Here are a few pictures.

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