Sunday, June 29, 2008

Youth Conference.

One of many games of Volleyball played during free time.
Line dancing...
First station of Amazing Race, Murray West style- Jean did an amazing job and had it planned down to the last detail.

Maria and Teagan doing the "Push against each other"

A few of our wards dance party poopers

Waiting for their clean up assignments.
When they said to clean every part of the chapel, some people ( Sharon)

took that to the extreme. :)

Teagan was a pro at cleaning walls.
Bishop Clark was one of our workshop speakers and he did a fabulous job on Peer Pressure.
I had the opportunity to spend the weekend ( Friday and Saturday) with the youth of our stake at Youth Conference. It was alot of fun and work to pull it off. I truly hope the youth and their leaders had a great time. I have to say we have some great youth and leaders in our ward and I LOVE spending time with them. Thanks for the wonderful examples you all are.

What an ugly chubby picture of me!!!! For as much sleep as we got that night, it was almost worthless setting up the "Hilton" aka my tent.

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