Sunday, August 31, 2008

The sounds of fall--

Most people that know me know I am not a fan of lightening and thunder and it has been doing both like crazy tonight. I guess I can be thankful that I don't live in the path of Gustav though!!!

I guess that would be one of my quirks but I'm not doing the quirk challenge yet because I have so many I need to narrow them down to just six. Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


In our family ( well, most of us, Lynette & Taryn) we bleed blue. Not any old blue but BYU blue. Three of my 5 brothers have season tickets and can hardly wait for the season to start on Saturday. The rest of us go every chance we get.
My little brother Tyler (okay, at 29 he's not so little) has the days, hours, and minutes counted down and his daughter at 4 could sing you the fight song.

I have to say I LOVE this time of the year for the football ( one of the only sports I really like to watch), the leaves start to change and the funnest holidays begin. Go Fall!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is it November 4th yet???

I don't hate much but I can honestly say, I HATE politics. I hate what it brings out in people. The bashing that goes on between the parties and the length the two parties are allowed to campaign. I can hardly wait for November 4th to be here so it will be decided and over.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Here comes the Bride---

My nieces love to dress up and play like they are brides. I walked out of the house yesterday and had to run back in for the camera. Kennali is the bride and don't you just love her bridesmaids carrying her train!!

Another quilt post!

The top two quilts are actually ones that Dana did.

She made them as Birthday presents for a couple of her friends.

The top one in pink and green has cancer survivor ribbons on it since

her friend is a Breast cancer survivor. She really did a great job!!

This one is just another one I whipped up with some of my fabric stash and the one below is one I made last year for a friend which I actually machine quilted. I have a great machine with some fun stitches.

As you can tell, I didn't have enough yellow for one of the blocks so it is unique. Good thing it isn't going to anyone and I'm not really sure I'm finished with it yet. I may add some applique to the white squares. We'll see!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

An expensive hobbie-

I think I need to make this a part time job... It's all your fault Michelle!!! She taught a class last year and I was hooked. Now if I'm not working on a quilt, I have graph paper in hand and am designing my next quilt or two So I think it is more of an obsession.

I'm trying to lose weight and have decided my sitting in front of a sewing machine so much is not helping my plight. So, this week I decided that I could not quilt that evening unless I had walked around the track at least 2 times. That may not sound like much but I'm starting out slow because of my dizzy spells and well, I am just not in great shape so I don't want to sabotage myself before I get going.

Wish me luck!!

Here are a couple more quilts I recently completed. The tie one, I am working a pattern for.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever---

It's that time again when Olympic fever sets in and we tend to spend the entire evening glued to our TV. I love the Olympics and the national pride it brings out in people.

Michael Phelps totally rocks!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I really do have rocks in my head...

After my dizzy week at girls camp, my Dr sent me to the IHC Hearing and Balance Center this morning. I had a grunt load of test done and by the movement of my eyes and other things when I am dizzy, They found out that I have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Disorder (BPPV for short).

Apparently it is true we have pile of rocks in our head! Actually there’s a pile in each of our inner ears which help with our balance and when they break apart, some of the rocks ( calcium carbonate crystals located in your inner ear) float in the normal fluid in your inner ear causing vertigo, dizziness and lightheadedness.

Apparently only 20% of the population get this disorder and most people if they get this just have it in one ear but not me, I am one of the rare ones that have it in both ears. Lucky me!!!

They did some positional therapy to try and get the crystals to go back to the right place and I have to sleep in a recliner for the next 4 days. I can’t look down or up for the next 12 hours and I have to go back next week for more positional therapy.

Unfortunately it is something I will probably have to live with the rest of my life but hopefully the therapy will help lessen the symptoms.

So, if you see me leaning to the right and look like I am a little drunk, I'm not really. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quilts and more Quilts...

Just a few more tops I've made...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girls Camp!!!

Marshall Sherrain and her Possee
Mr Moose came to say goodbye
This is a view I love to see. It may not mean much to anyone else
but especially when it starts getting dark, those trees on the top of the ridge look like pioneers hiking up the hill.
Bud, Norm and Karen
The wonderful amphitheater
View of Echo from the boat dock
The best ward at camp but then I am a bit partial!!
I love you guys!!

Kelli, me, and Jean

Sherrain telling a great story

some of the hairdos at camp.

Our ward and the quilt they did.
Kylie, Analee, Mateah, Teagan, Makayla, Stephanie, Cassandra,
Becky, Maria, and Rachel. Thanks guys!!

This quilt was done by the stake and our YCL2s.

Becky, Mellissa, Laura, Tochi, Marie and Kim, LuJane and Sharon.

This one the lighting was off but it was a beautiful quilt the Heritage ward did.

Playing at the lake

Jean- modeling the latest fashion in life jackets.

Another ward working on their quilt
Makayla and Analee making progress
Ali and Cassandra
Madison and Madison working on their wards quilt

Our Darling Deputies!!
Sherrain and Lynne, waiting and waiting for the girls to come.
more quilting...
Emily showing us her quilting skills
Kathy showing Natasha and Anna how to roll the quilt.

Tochi and Jenny.
Sherrain showing Bud how big the fish was that she caught!! j/k
more darling deputies
The camp committee showing off the quilts I made for them.
I hope they really like them.

Lynda and Kim cooking. Lynda is an amazing cook and did a great job
with the food this year.

This was the first day-
Kim thought she would need to hold it all week-
Jenny had her cowboy boyfriend LB come up to help and he was
a huge help. Thanks!!
Our sign above the pavilion.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my calling. I just spent a great week at girls camp with some of the finest Young Women and their leaders.

This year, our theme was "How the Murray West was One". Our hope was to help the girls feel more united as a stake and practice good works. I think we succeeded and everyone had a great time.
On Monday, the stake Camp leaders and our YCL level 2's went up to our stake property to get things set up and ready for the wards to come up the next day. We have fantastic leaders who spend a lot of time working to make camp fun and spiritual. After everything was done and ready, I think we finally crashed into bed about midnight. The leaders from the stake with us were: Sherrain (Camp Director), Lisa, (Asst Camp Director), their committee consisted of: Kim, Amelia, Lynne, Lynda, Jenny, and Amanda. Jean, Kelli and I went up with them and assisted where ever needed. We also had two wonderful priesthood leaders come up with us, Bud and Norm. What wonderful men!!

The next day which was Tuesday, we were up early and ready for the girls to come. We waited and waited and about an hour later than expected, they started to roll in. Unfortunately the road construction up Parleys made traffic move at 10 MPH. aauugghh!!! When they finally arrived, they were quick in setting up their tents and camp and we only had to push back our first devotional by 30 minutes. cool!!
Our devotionals are always (at least I think so) the highlight of the camp. We start by singing camp songs lead by the YCL2's and then roll call. Each of the wards do a cheer each time and some of them are pretty creative. Even our priesthood leader Bud got into it and had a cheer for us every time we met. Since a couple of the women on the camp committee were new and as an opportunity to get to know them, Sherrain has each of the camp committee take a turn thru out the week giving a talk. Incredible women is all I can say!!
That evening, we gathered under the stars ( that was the idea but it was cloudy and very windy) and did the Jenny Phillips program Steadfast and Immovable. It was so good!! I think everyone felt the spirit. That evening, actually it began the first day I was there, I started having issues with vertigo. I had issues with it several years ago and was kind of diagnosed with Miner es Disease (not sure spelling correct). I think the altitude change brought it on because I was incredibly dizzy. I was the recipient that evening of a wonderful priesthood blessing given by Bud in which I was reminded that I was a special daughter of God. I need to be reminded of that every now and then.
I almost forgot that I was also given an AWESOME!! foot massage by Amelia. She offered and it felt wonderful. I will definitely be calling her for another one.

Wednesday found us doing a quilting bee with the Relief Society Presidencies in each of the wards and the Stake RS presidency. We got fabric from the Humanitarian Center and had each ward bring up the quilting frames and help their girls tie the quilt. What a fun and awesome experience to see them all working together.

About noon we packed up and went to Echo for some lunch and fun in the water and sun. With my vertigo which had subsided somewhat thanks to the prays offered on my behalf and faith, I opted to stay out of the water and just watch. Watching the movement of the water was enough for me. After some time, we packed up and headed back to camp. That evening after devotional, we let each of the wards have a Friendship Fire and do their own thing.

Thursday was an eventful day- It started with me having a fight with the soap holder in the shower ( it won) and me coming away with a black eye. The only thing I can think of is that I blacked out when I tipped my head back to wash my hair. Thankfully once the swelling went down, my very sunburned face covers the black bruise pretty good.

After the girls did more of their certification and passed everything off, they were free to do what they wanted and get ready for visitors.

We had dinner with the stake Presidency and then met together for Mutual. Before mutual, the Bishops had a bull riding competition with the Stake Presidency being the judges. It was hilarious and I wish my camera hadn't run out of batteries just as I sat down.Jean is such a wonderful person and had come up with the topic of RESPECT. We started by dancing to the song ( okay, my dancing was not really dancing for fear of falling over) and then we each talked on a different topic which spelled out RESPECT. R= reverence settings, E= each other, S= self, P= parents, E= environment, C=conduct, T= teachers and leaders. I think it was pretty powerful and the girls got the message. I love Jean and Kelli and the fun and spiritual times we have together. They are like my sisters.

After this was over, we went back and had a testimony meeting which was very nice. I always feel like I say the dumbest things but hope those listening and more importantly my HF knows what I was saying in my heart.

I almost forgot another amazing thing that happened to me. Actually between the great conversations with the camp committee, the candid conversations with Bud and his willingness to come sit with me where ever I was, I was also the receiver of another foot massage. On Thursday, we were sitting at the table eating lunch when Kylie and Amanda came over and asked for me. Apparently they were told by another ward leader that I was struggling with vertigo ( possible ear infection) and my asthma and they wanted to come and see if they could help. Amanda is a reflexoligist that works with essential oils. She was able to pinpoint the areas I was having issues with and helped I think to some extent. I was totally amazed that someone would care enough to come and find me and offer such a wonderful service. We are up in the dirtiest of dirt and my feet I am sure werent the cleanest but she didnt mind.

Friday morning, we had our last devotional and passed out certifications and dismissed them all to go home.

I know I have breathing issues everytime I am up there but I wouldnt miss it for the world. I know I am blessed for being there and doing what I am suppose to. I wish I were able to do more things and plan next year to be my healthiest and best year yet. Stay tuned....

The first video is of Jenny showingus her ropping abilities. The second one is of the 13th wards cheer. It was very cute.