Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I LOVE Oregon!!!

Beach in Lincoln City
view off Hwy 101

Depoe Bay
Japenese Gardens

Just one of the millions of roses

Mt Hood from the airplane


I don't do well with getting the pictures in order so I'm sorry they are mixed up.

What a beautiful part of the country!! When we got into Portland, we drove without too much trouble into the heart of the city and first hit the "famous" saturday market. It was like a hepatitis art show. Yuck!!

We hit the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then on our way to see some sites, we happened to be in Lake Oswego and found the Temple. It is beautiful marble with the spires jetting up out of the pine trees. The funniest site was a wedding party getting pictures taken in front of the temple. You may ask why it is funny, well, the bride and all the brides maids were in strapless dresses. They had come in a stretch hummer to get pictures taken on the grounds. It was quite humorous.

After we hit the Temple, we went to the Pittock Mansion, Japenese Gardens and their famous Rose Garden which was all very pretty. The weather was absolutely beautiful and from what the reports said, that was out of the norm for this time.

That night we stayed in Portland at the Portland downtown waterfront and would recomend it .

We got up and headed for Salem which was an hour drive south. When we got to Salem, we met up with one of the Insurance Regulators which we wanted to meet and she offered to take us down to Lincoln City and Depoe Bay to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. While we were in a little waterfront town called Depoe Bay, we went into this Whale watching museum and about died when the guy running the place was Morris Grover. Morris is married to Kim Clark's sister Cindy. When they lived here and their kids were young, I babysat for them a few times. small world!!

Any way, the 3 days were not long enough and only made me want to return. Maybe next year!!


Jillene said...

Gorgeous!! Love the pictures! I am glad that you had a good time.

Thayn & Alison said...

Hey, looks like a fun time,I have been to Seatle Wa.looks at the same. Look forward to the pictures from NY.

Kim C. said...

Buck has been itching to go to Portland. He'll be jealous when he sees your pictures. It looks like a lot of fun!