Monday, September 1, 2008

Quirky me...

Ok, here goes- Kim C and Jillene both tagged me and I think I have narrowed down 6 quirky things about me that wouldnt be too embarrasing.

1- Even at 40, I am still afraid of lightning and Thunder. Always have and I'm sure, always will.

2- I have a thing with smells... I drive my family crazy because I can not stand the smell of ziplock bags. I have to get the Hefty ziploc ones because they don't smell. I smell my food before I eat it.

3- I am incredibly impulsive. So much so that my 2nd car, I had it bought before I had even test driven it. I saw it on the lot and got the loan and went in to buy it and the salesman said "do you want to test drive it first"? I said " Oh yeah, I guess I should". It was a white Isuzu Impulse. fitting huh!!

4- Ok, this one is weird I know but I have OCD and I sleep occassionally on top of my covers so I don't have to make my bed. Go ahead Buck and everyone else and LOL, you know you want to.

5- I don't really think this is quirky but I love to travel.. by myself. I don't mind when I have business trips because I love to go alone. I went to NY last year and spent a few days with a friend and then went to Boston for 5 days all by myself.

6- Michelle S and I have something in common.. Popcorn. I too LOVE popcorn.

There ya go, now you and the blogging world know my secrets.


Jillene said...

That was so funny! I have to smell things too! CRAZY how much we really so have in common--I guess that is why we have been friends for so long! (0:

Rachel Elison said...

Shauna- I think that you are awesome! I love the smelling of foods and sleeping on the bed. If I didn't have Mark I could totally do that. Also I have a weird sense of smell also. That was fun!

Kim C. said...

I love that you sleep on top of your covers so you don't have to make your bed. I don't know if it's OCD, just good thinking! I would probably do it too if I didn't need the blanket weight to sleep!

~Michelle Schafer said...

This is just further evidence that you ROCK!

The smelling thing reminds me of Napoleon (Uncle Rico).

What a hoot!