Friday, October 31, 2008

Janee Merrill-

It is really too bad that we don't really come to love and appreciate someone until they are gone. Janee was one of those people who showed love unconditionally and was a rock in the gospel. She knew her scriptures inside and out and can only hope to be like her someday. I had the opportunity to VT with her at one time and she was always excited to go to those less active or not active at all. She taught me alot about selfless love and her common phrase "its okay".
She is now doing in heaven what she loved to do on earth. Being a missionary!!
You endured your earthly journey well. The best part of the journey has just begun. Enjoy the Journey Janee!! We love and miss you-


~Michelle Schafer said...

I just keep picturing her up there with her other family members and Rick Tyler and other people from the ward. I have to say that I love everyone here, but I am happy for her that she gets to see Marie Brown!!

I love that you said the part about that she would always say "That's okay". I can still hear her say that!!

We love you Janee.

Jillene said...

AMEN!! I will miss her so much but I know she is doing so much good on the other side!