Saturday, November 1, 2008


I leave tomorrow night for New York and I am so excited. I'll share pictures when I get back. Last year when I went, the kids were big into Webkins which I have seen here but none of my nieces and nephews had heard of them. I want to take something with me for the kids so I asked my friend what they were into this year and here is what is all the rage.

They are called Kooky Pens and they trade them. I actually found them at Michaels but that is it! They each have a name and a different personality and are actually kind of cute. Have any of you heard of them???


~Michelle Schafer said...

Have fun Shauna!!! We will miss you while you are gone!

The pens are cute. I haven't seen them yet, but plan to watch for them.

Jillene said...

The pens are really cute but I have never heard of them.

Hope you have a fun and safe trip!!

Kim C. said...

I only have you down for the Marinara sauce and then you put down that you would donate something for the auction but that's all! Thanks for helping out!