Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back...

This is the beautifully 200 year old house my friends are renting.
The view from their family room. awesome!! To the side of their house, they have their own little forrest. This is Wendy taking a picture of the kids in the forrest.
The old care takers house is now a cottage that someone rents. I loved this little view and would love to live there.

This is son #1 He is cute and loveable.

son #2- such a cutie.
Oldest daughter. A typical pre-teen. Sorry Wendy!!!
I hope the next one is a boy so you don't have to go thru it again.

daughter #2- darling and a big helper.

One of the pictures Wendy "tried" to take. Daughter #1 "hates" to have her picture taken and made sure her mom was very much aware of this. Thankfully she cooperated a bit.

Friday night we went into the city and saw Wicked which was wonderful. Leaving the theatre we took a pedal-taxi and then prayed we would make it back safely to Grand Central Station to pick up our train. As you can kind of see from the picture, NYC is CRAZY. Tons of people and cars. This picture is Times Square in the distance.

New York was beautiful! The trees when I got there on Monday were all a glow with the many colors of fall. A couple of days, we didnt even leave the house. We sat, visited, crocheted and had a fun and relaxing time catching up.
Thanks again Wendy!! I love you and your family.


Jillene said...

HOW FUN!! I am glad that you had a good time!!

Pam Marshall said...

I received my Cottages. Thank you so much.