Monday, December 1, 2008

My Christmas List

I thought since I am still a kid at heart, I would make up my own "grown" up christmas wish list.

1- Gym membership and a personal trainer
2- Money
3- new Fridge
4- new couches
5- to know what a skinny body would feel like
6- my own quilt shop
7- new wardrobe
8- a trip to Hawaii
9-to be debt free
10- all the food storage we are suppose to have
11- new scriptures
12-new place- ok, I'd settle for a made over bedroom
13- my nephew Jordan to come home on my Birthday.. ( yah, I know I am getting this one 3/13/09)...
14-new carpet
15-get a couple of my quilt patterns published
16- a new camera

1 comment:

Jillene said...

GREAT list!! I'll take some money too!!