Saturday, January 10, 2009

50 Years old!!

Wonderful sister and supporter of all!!!

Happy Birthday to you-

I can hardly believe it but my big sis is turning 50 tomorrow. Last night we planned a surprise party for her and all the adults went to Gecko's for dinner. It was alot of fun.

Happy Birthday to you---

We can always count on Gaelynn to make sure every Holiday is celebrated and is a lot of fun. Her absolute favorite is Christmas and if she had her way, Christmas songs would play year round as well as the tree would be a permanent fixture in our decor.

Happy Birthday Gaelynn--

She is the one in our family that coordinates most get togethers and I think she just might be some of the nieces and nephews favorite aunt Wee. :)

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Gaelynn, I LOVE you and am grateful to have you as my big sis. I hope your Birthday is filled with love and laughter!! Remember, 50 is the new 30... which I kind of like because that would make me only 20. Ohhh to be 20 again!!!!


Jillene said...

Happy Birthday Gaelynn!!

Jenn and Dan said...

Hi Shauna! Wanted to let you know our blog is going private, and I wanted to send you an invite. Our email address is if you want to send me your email. Thanks! ~Jenn

~Michelle Schafer said...

Gaelynn!!! I just love you! Happy Birthday, you fellow January 'baby'.

Rachel Elison said...

Wow, Gaelynn you don't look 50 years old! Happy Birthday! You gals are so sweet! Love ya