Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our ward is doing a Biggest Loser Support group in an effort to get fit. This last Saturday was the first weigh in ( not too late if you still want to join us) and I about died! I''m embarrased to admit the scales we are using have me weighing my heaviest. How embarassing!!!!!

Not for long though- I am going to set weekly goals and use this blog to account for what I did. This past week since today is Thursday has just been to get over the initial shock of the scale and take in more water. Simple I know but I have been fighting a sinus cold and the last thing I have wanted to do was get on the treadmill.

week 2 goal coming up sunday... This is my "now" picture--uugghh!!


Jillene said...

I hear ya sister!! I have gone Whole Wheat in my house and my kids freaked. Then they taseted and liked--who knew?! (0: I am up to 88oz. of water a day. I think all I do is drink water and pee!! (0;

Aubrey said...

What a great idea! I should have had Paul sign up!:)
What's the prize when YOU win... cause I have feeling you are going to kick some ward butt!;)

kim said...

I think it is so great that the ward is doing this. I always have to remind Buck though that these people are working out 6-8 hours a day to lose all those pounds every week! Good luck!

Material Mary said...

Just found you on my traffic thing. You have a fun blog. Good luck on the biggest loser. THe show really motivated me to do regular exercise. Let me tell you I feel better, clothes fit better and emotionally I am able to handle more, not only that but I get social out of it too because I do water aerobics. Way to go!!

Shaunab said...

I have a lot of great friends!! Thanks for the support.

Rachel Elison said...

I also want to say that I think this is a great idea! I should totally join! Sounds fun! Good luck!! You can totally do it! By the way your picture of you is cute! You are always cute!