Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My first pattern is done and ready for distribution at none other than "Material Girls" in South Jordan. If you have time, you should pop in to Material Girls this weekend and check out the fabulous sale Nadine is going to have. While your there, check out my quilts and patterns. She has cut some kits for the Yo-Yo Baby one which makes me kind of scared in case they don't sell??!!!!!

Stay tuned here and on my "Sewintoquilts" blog for more quilts and patterns.


Jillene said...

YEAH for you!! And of course they will sell!! They are adorable!!

Rachel Elison said...

Good job sister! You are so talented!!! You know that they'll sell! I want to see them!!!

~Michelle Schafer said...

Shauna! The patterns are darling! I would love to see one in person! Is there a display at Material Girls too?

I am glad you like that place so much!