Friday, January 30, 2009


Why is it when you have something going on every night that is the week you get sick. This was what was scheduled for this week:
Tuesday: YC meeting
Wednesday: Oakcrest Kick-Off ( Jean is a lifesaver)
Thursday: Teach a quilt class ( thanks mom for doing it for me)
Monday I woke with a sore throat and by the time I got home from work felt pretty lousy. I went to the Dr on Tuesday and had a 103.4 fever, bronchitis, ear infection, and a sinus infection. After two days home from work in bed, I still wasnt feeling great so I called the Dr and had to go back in for a shot. Apparently the bronchitis turned into Pneumonia which knocked me flat.

Today is Friday and I've now been out of work for 4 days. Wish it was doing something other than coughing my guts out. Oh well, I do feel better. Not 100% yet but more like 70%.
I didnt even picked up my fabric or my pattern books so I knew i was pretty sick.
Here's hoping for a healthy rest of the winter. I think I will be getting a Pneumonia shot when I get better.


Kim C. said...

sorry you're sick! that is never fun whether you are busy or not!

Stephanie said...

I heard that you were down and out. Hope this week is better then last.