Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am so frustrated...I am finally feeling better from Pneumonia and want to exercise and now I can't for another 10 days. I finally went to the foot Dr to see why my ankle hurts so bad and felt like it was going to pop. He took x-rays and thankfully I don't have any issues with a broken bone but the two tendons that run over the left outside ankle bone are strained and have tendinitis. I "get" to wear a fun boot to help mobilize my ankle and hope it heals. If not, I'll have a cortisone shot.


Jillene said...

OH NO!! I am SO sorry!!

Wendy said...

Shauna, Man I feel for you. I had the "boot" on for 2-3 weeks when I had my horrible sprain last spring. It really sucks. I hope you are doing better. Love seeing your quilts... you're amazing. Miss you tons.