Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter top!

I finally finished the Easter quilt top I had started a few weeks ago. I couldnt quite decide on what to do for the sashing and the border and did it up with a wider white sashing and then denim border. I didnt like it so I unpicked the whole thing and started over.
I LOVE this one. Now to get it to the quilters...

This is just one of the many log cabin blocks my mother has been making for one of the grandkids for Christmas. I am working on a very easy log cabin block as well and as soon as I take a picture of it, I'll show you.
This one is for a friend that is having surgery this week and she commented on my blog one time before it was finished that she liked it. Now that it is quilted and bound. I hope she still likes it. She's a bit nervous for her surgery but I know she will be just fine.


Jillene said...

O.K.--first off, I missed your birthday?! I really suck!! When I recover I am taking you to lunch!

Second--you are such a sweetheart. I adore you and love you!!

Shaunab said...

I was going to try and bring it over while you are at your mom and dad's tomorrow but I am going to the dedication and won't make it in time. I am going to just leave it with your mom.

As for lunch, sounds good. Maybe by then I will be up and around too.

Rachel Elison said...

You are so so so talented! I am so amazed. I am so glad that you show your quilts on line! I love it! I love to dream of maybe someday you teaching me how to do it! You are awesome!

I hope you get that foot better soon! Let mke know if I can do anything at all for you! Also, when is your surgery?
Love you!

Me said...

I clicked over from Jillenes journal. I just wanted to tell you how talented I think you are! I couldn't resist roaming through your blog and looking at all of the quilts. You are VERY talented!

Have a GREAT day!