Friday, March 13, 2009


Today is my Birthday and I've had a great day so far. My handsome Nephew Jordan came home from his mission to osorno Chile, I received a new quad from my family and they took me to Olive Garden for dinner. All in all, a wonderful day. Here are a few pictures of the airport.

My nieces, waiting...

Scott and LuAnn, more waiting...

FINALLY!! (My sister in-law is the one in green)

Aubri- not letting go.


Grandma getting her hug.

This picture brings tears to my eyes.

Craig and Lynette checked in for their flight to Hawaii and then came over to say hello.

We LOVE you Jordan, WELCOME HOME!!!


Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :)

Rachel Elison said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You deserve to have a great Birthday! You are so amazing, thanks for all of the love and support! Hope you had a great Birthday and I am glad that your nephew is home from his mission!

Rachel Elison said...

Oh-ya your back ground is adorable, I love it!!!!