Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salt Lake half Marathon

Last weekend was the Salt Lake half marathon and Scott and Tyler ran it. We went to mile marker 8 and cheered them on as well as the other runners. It is our third year going and it is fun to see other people I know running. Here is a video of when they ran by us.

Ok, I just watched it and don't pay attention to the retard filing.. I need to learn to not say anyting.. oh well!!
Here we are waiting for them to come...

My brother Scott is getting ready to run the Ogden marathon in a 3 weeks and yesterday he ran from Copperton Park back in to his house in South Jordan and then out to our house. 21 miles...yuck!! Aubri and Danielle were waiting here to pick him up and when he came in, he said half way thru he said to himself, what the he!! am I doing! I decided to be adventurous and go to Walmart yesterday and after 5 minutes in the store, I was saying the same thing. I'm getting there but not quite up to walking in stores yet.

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