Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nothing new...

Not much is going on with me, I am just working on walking without pain. Oh well, I am sure with time, it will come.

Last night our Stake was in charge of putting together a multi stake youth dance. Kelli rocked with her preparation!! I was on my feet ( remember I am only 6 weeks Post Op) quite a bit most of the night between decorating and then chaperoning with other great leaders. It was a lot of fun yet might I say weird!! The boys do not ask the girls to dance. Boys dance with boys (ok, not the slow songs), girls dance with girls, the rest of the time they stand in the middle of the floor and jump up and down. Their favorite time was when the DJ would play line dancing songs. All in all it was fun but long. My hips ( it's kind of hard walking with different height shoes on) and my feet have been revolting today so not much was done. I did manage to make a smaller version of my Aviary quilt from previous post.

Oh, I also taught our ward quilt class on Thursday which I thought was a flop but then I am my worst critic. I didnt create enough of my samples to show so needless to say if Susan and Rachel are able to figure out the pattern, they did it all on their own. Oh well, live and learn!!

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Jillene said...

Hopefully you can walk without pain VERY SOON!!