Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer time memories!!!

This time of year always brings back such fond memories of going on family vacations. The family vacations we went on when I was growing up never included places like Disneyland or Hawaii or some other exotic place. With 8 children, that was just not feasible. I do recall a trip to Canada for a week to visit with my cousins and going to Waterton Lake and thru Yellowstone. Since this was when I was about 8 or 9, it was a long time ago.
My most memorable family vacations were spent camping in the Uintas at places like Soapstone and Pine Valley. I LOVE camping. We also spent a lot of time down south in Goblin Valley, Dead Horse Point, Arches, Wellington, Price, Green River and Hanksville. Those were some good times!!
Hanksville is a joke because we spent about 10 hours one night “camped” out behind a gas station because our suburban broke down. We had to wait for my aunt Carma to get off work and then drive down and bring my dad a water pump for the car. It was incredibly hot and that ended our vacation.
I have a craving for some camping but will have to wait a few weeks for girls camp. Yeah!! As for Goblin Valley or Dead Horse Point, maybe later.


Jillene said...

I HATE camping. Actually despise it. I will go once a year for 1 night to apease my husband. I end up sleeping in the car--if you can call it sleeping. And then I am exhausted the next few days.

Karen Cummings said...

Love the camping thing. We are looking forward to a few trips with the family this year. When my dad died Scott and I got the tent trailer, we are excited to use it!!

Aubrey said...

I am with Jillene all the way!!!!
I am glad to hear that you like it though!:) What a cute post!