Friday, July 24, 2009

more quilts

This was made with my Sunny Daze pattern only bigger. Stay tune for the pattern.

Not sure about the outside border. I may change it to brown.

The picture doesnt do this one justice. I love red, black and white.

This one will have black buttons on each of the peeks when it is finished. I am trying to decide if I want to add an orange ric-rac.

Well, this past week I have been applying several places and working on quilts. I can only stand to sit at the computer for so long before I go crazy and have to sew something. As you can tell I have had a busy few days. At this rate, I may use a chunk of my fabric stash before I get a job. Then again, if you've seen my stash, probably not.

Yesterday i went to see Hannah Montana ( I know) at the dollar theater and actually really liked it. Today is Pioneer Day here in Utah and I went to the parade this morning and then home to sew. It was a good parade but a little on the warm side. uugghh!! My favorite float was made entirely out of quilts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here is what I do when I am bored and don't want to go to sleep at night...


I am so sick of the job hunt already. It is so hard to put all the work in to a resume, cover letter, and application each time just to not hear anything. Apparently in the market these days, you send it to them via email and they will notify you IF they want you to come for an interview. If not, you just don't hear from them.
In the mean time, Nadine has been kind enough to hire me at Material Girls so watch for me when your there.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's over already...

I LOVE going to girls camp and can't believe it is over already. We had great weather, great food, great talks, and over all just a fabulous week. I could have stayed another few days but was glad to get home to my own bed and shower. Not that I didnt have a great air matteress this year. it rocked!! It was a raised version and would highly suggest it. This was our semi new camp committee.. ladies you rock!! Most stakes probably have to beg and plead to get men to come to girls camp.. not us.. we have one in particular that loves to come to girls camp each year. He makes sure in January or as soon as camp dates are set to get the time off and come spend the entire week with us. He even had his own cheers each time we met. Here he is with his Dr Suess hat on which I told him if need be, I wouldnt hesitate to use it as blackmail. Thanks for everything Bud!

Mock Disaster-Lynne our nurse put together a Mock Disaster as a way to test the girls knowledge about first aid. We (the YCL's and the stake camp committe and presidency) were the victims. Jenny and Lynne did an amazing job with the "mock" injuries.

Like my head laceration!! It looked so real!! The mask is my attempt each year to keep my asthma at bay.. it worked for the most part.. I did have an asthma attack on Wednesday night though but one is not too bad. Since I have a portable nebulizer, I can usually take care of it on my own.

We did a workshop of different examples of the believers from the scriptures and here were our actresses. This years' YCL's were outstanding.

Xochitil, Rachel, Jerica, Leka, Megan, Grace, and Stacie kneeling. We also had Natalie and Natosha.

This was Maleece's first year at camp and she appeared to have had a great time.
Here she is doing the jelly fish dance with her head hanging back.

We went to Echo lake again this year and the girls had a great time. The water was ALOT highter this year so there wasnt much of a beach but it was fun. I am really bummed because I had taken some fun pictures and after everyone got out of the water, I was looking at them and they were all gone. I had lost every picture i had taken up to that point. uugghh!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here we go...

I'm off to girls camp tomorrow after I get in to the Dentist to fix a tooth that broke today. Why is it that when it rains, it pours!!! I think the job situation has finally hit me and I realize I am not just on an extended vacation. I am trying hard not to get depressed over the job situation but sometimes it isnt working. I know I will find a job it just remains to be seen as to how long. Back to the wish I had dones... like school when I was younger..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Job hunt and Girls Camp next week..

Well, the hunt is on but so far nothing. I have applied several places but nothing has come of them yet. I really am working on getting my business up and going and going to school this fall. I'm not panicing yet so I am just enjoying the summer.

Girls camp is next week and I am so excited. I have been busy making bags for the stake camp leaders and will give you a sneak peak of one. This one is actually for my sister in-law. I am also selling them for $25.00.

4th of July

Kyle running his first race.
He did pretty good and finished the race in
24 minutes and a few seconds.
Jordan also ran and did a fabulous job.

Max waiting patiently with Grandma for the parade.

Taryn and Garrett watching the parade.

Kyndra and Kennali

Dani and Garrett

Garrett throwing pops. He was so happy because this year,
he could actually throw them hard enough to pop.

Max was so funny in the pool... he would just laugh and splash.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I Love the 4th of July and all the fun and festivities. We go to the Murray parade, have a BBQ at our house and then the fireworks. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!