Friday, July 24, 2009

more quilts

This was made with my Sunny Daze pattern only bigger. Stay tune for the pattern.

Not sure about the outside border. I may change it to brown.

The picture doesnt do this one justice. I love red, black and white.

This one will have black buttons on each of the peeks when it is finished. I am trying to decide if I want to add an orange ric-rac.

Well, this past week I have been applying several places and working on quilts. I can only stand to sit at the computer for so long before I go crazy and have to sew something. As you can tell I have had a busy few days. At this rate, I may use a chunk of my fabric stash before I get a job. Then again, if you've seen my stash, probably not.

Yesterday i went to see Hannah Montana ( I know) at the dollar theater and actually really liked it. Today is Pioneer Day here in Utah and I went to the parade this morning and then home to sew. It was a good parade but a little on the warm side. uugghh!! My favorite float was made entirely out of quilts.


Material Mary said...

You are turning into quite the designing woman!!
Quilts looks great.

Wendy said...

Shauna, I love the black, white and red quilt it's georgous! Glad to see you are keeping busy! Hope the job hunt improves! Miss you and think of you often! XOXO, Wendy