Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's a crime I tell ya...

Why is it that people have to steal other peoples stuff??? Today in broad day light, my wallet was stolen out of my purse . I am floored as to how it happened since I had it behind the fabric cutting table and because it was a busy day, i spent most of the day back there. I work hard for the little money I am earning right now and for someone to take it from me makes me sooo mad.

I hope they just took the approx $25.00 i had in the wallet and ditched the rest in the garbage. I have had to cancel my debit card, put a stop pay on my checking account, place a fraud alert on my credit report, and tomorrow I get to see what I can do to get another drivers license, a new social security card ( yeah I know, stupid me had it in my wallet), call the IRS and find out how to get a replacement check for an uncashed check for a tax over payment which was in my wallet.

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Material Mary said...

I'm so sorry. WHat happened to decency and respect for other people's property? Good luck with this ordeal.