Friday, September 25, 2009


It is time to do the happy dance... Yesterday Tyler (my little brother and the other family member that was laid off with me) got a job.
He actually started working for them today. Get this, when they called to offer him the job, they told him they wanted him to pray about it and call them back in the morning with his acceptance. Okay, I guess by now you figured out he is working for an LDS church affiliation. He is working for Deseret Trust Company and will get to put to use his BA in finance and accounting. We are all so proud of him and excited he got it. It has truly been an answer to alot of prayers.

I am at the end of week 1 of my new job with Deseret Mutual which is the benefit admin company for all the companies affiliated with the LDS church. So far I LOVE it. I feel inadequate right now as I am learning tons but if I can learn annuities and a complicated tax system at BLIC, I can learn this too.

ahhh..It is good to be employed again..


Material Mary said...

THings are working out in your family. Enjoy getting to know your new job!

Aubrey said...

awwww....what a HUGE relief! I have been thinking and praying for them since I talked to Leanne a few weeks ago! I am so happy that things are working out for all of you!