Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new day is dawning...

Well, the end of my 3 month vacation/ unemployment comes to an end tomorrow. In a way I am sad to see my freedom end but then I am very excited to have a steady income ( small but steady) again.
I have been meaning to write about this experience but it has taken me a while to really formulate my feelings. At first I was very sad and with each passing day felt more and more down but also realized I was to learn something from this. After all, it isnt everyone that is given a second chance. I truely think of this as a second chance and not just to get it right in the job field but to get other things right. This experience has allowed me to pay off some debt that was weighing on me and get a better start ( with a lot of help from my friends and family) on my business plans. I have had the opportunity to work the past couple of months at Material Girls and have realized all the time that goes into running a shop like that and have decided to keep mine small... at least for now. I figure I can still design patterns, make and sell bags and do custom orders for now. I feel blessed to have connections in various parts of the country and am excited to see what that leads to.
I know I have been given the opportunity to get out of some debt so I can go back to school and I am not going to let this opportunity pass me by even though it will be one class at a time.
Tomorrow starts a new era of my career as I start at Deseret Mutual. I miss my Beneficial family but thanks to Facebook, I can still keep in contact with many of them.
Onward and upward!!!