Thursday, May 13, 2010


I think I've mentioned this before but when I was growing up, going to a fabric store with my mom was torture and I hated every minute. NOW- I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric. You should see my stash...well, maybe not!

The past couple of weeks my mother has been on a headband craze. She saw it on Studio 5 and has been making all the younger girls several. Here they all are Saturday going thru one of my bags of scraps picking out fabric. Garrett was looking for "Tie" fabric. Grandma told him she would make him some ties.

Alison kept trying to get him to go with some blue and green prints and he wouldnt go for any of them until she wasnt looking...

Peyton looking all grown up with one.

Pattern testing for "The Quilted Fish", various stages of pattern creation, Torture/Physical Therapy, bags for Rachel, Youth Conference, Girls Camp, and a queen size quilt for a girl at work are just a few of things on my plate. Wouldnt trade any of it.. well, maybe for a trip to Hawaii or New York.

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Michelle S. said...

Those head bands turned out SO CUTE! I love that your mom is always thinking about her cute family!

I love that you have come full circle in the realm of fabric stores! They really like you too!