Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 3rd/4th of July

Abbie, Dani and Aubri

Asst Chief Craig..
Parker- playing the tuba. This was parade 1 of 3 he was in that day.

Grandma and Cael.

I told you it was cool.

Kyle, running the 5K

Max- he is a hard one to get pictures of. He HATES his picture taken and screams!

Garrett with his candy bag and flag. He's ready!!

Playing in the water..



It was kind of weird to have the celebrations on Saturday instead of the 4th but it was still fun. We did the usual 4th activities, Parade, BBQ, kids swim, and fireworks. The only thing not so normal about it was the cool weather. Instead of hiding from the sun at the parade and BBQ, we were looking for it. I actually wore a jacket to the fireworks. Today however, we are back in the 90's.

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