Saturday, July 31, 2010


The theme this year was GEMS. Girls Embracing Moral Standards. I think it was by far one of the best themes we have had because it had meaning to it.

The pictures are out of order but I can't figure out how to get them in order. Oh well.

This years Youth Camp Leaders were some of the funnest girls we have ever had. They were so willing to help out and made everyone feel a part of the group. They played a signs game which was fun to watch.
Wednesday we did our traditional trip to Echo lake. The girls and leaders had a great time.
Before we left that day, we did a service project of pavers for the amphtheater which will help cut down on the dust and dirt. Yeah!!! Each of the girls got to decorate one and then we put a sealent on it so hopefully it will stay.

Stephanie and Maria trying to stay warm.

Michelle, Savannah, Anna, and Aimee enjoying there dessert.

We have the best Priesthood leaders who are willing and excited to come stay with us.

The 11th ward doing their annual synchronized swimming.


The Jefferson ward chillin!! Look at those girls giving a leader a foot rub! Way to go.

13th ward cuties!!

Do we really want to get in that cold lake???


more pavers...

11th ward cuties!!


Desirae giving her great talk.

Lisa teaching the level 2's about clouds. They look thrilled!!

Our beautiful YCL's.

If you can believe it, the one doing the fingers was President Cutler.
We had such a great time. I never want to stop going to camp. I think they will have to close the gate and ban me before I stop going.

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Des said...

I agree- they will have to lock me out as well. That last picture is hilarious! I had no idea that Pres. Cutler was even behind us! So funny...