Thursday, July 1, 2010

youth conference 2010

Youth Conference this year was fun if I do say so myself. We started the conference with a delicious breakfast made for us by our Stake Young men leaders.

Even President Cutler got in on the cooking..
After breakfast, we set out to do our service project. This year, we decided tohelp a ward in the Inter city mission which Craig and Linda Schow have been serving. We met at their church and after hearing the sweet and very moving testimonies of Elder and Sister Schow, we split the Youth into groups. We had lawns to mow, apartments to clean, and arbors to paint.

When the service project was finished, everyone went home to change and get ready to head up to our Stake Property.

There were games...(Minute to Win It was a hit)

Lynne's son and daughter came up and taught the youth how to swing dance. They all had smiles on their faces and had a friends were made!!! :)

what a cute couple... nice skit outfit!!!

Tank and Commander game..
When we got to the property, well ok actually a little before we got there, we found out there was a water leak and the water had been shut off. That meant a revival of the "biffies".

Borther Kelly from the high school seminary came and did a fabulous talk on friends. He looks like one of the kids!

Girls Camp, here we come....


Mateah said...

i had a blast and can't wait til next year! i don't know if girls camp can beat youth conference! but we will have to see. thanks for making youth conference so fun this year! I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Material Mary said...

Sure looks like fun times!! Kids and adults are best happy when busy and there looked to be a lot of busy!!