Saturday, August 28, 2010

crochet craze

I've gotten hooked again- Since I am "down" for a few weeks and limited in what I can do, I have taken up crocheting again. I was checking out some other blogs and have noticed it is making a come back. We will see how long I stick with it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My hardware-

About 5 years ago, I started having problems with my neck hurting and began losing strength in my left arm. After an MRI, I was sent to a nuerosurgen because 3 of my cervical discs were protruding into my spinal cord. After a long time of epedural shots, nerve conduction therapy and Physical Therapy, surgery was the last resort. They went in and replaced two of the discs with donner bone and put a metal plate with 6 screws over the discs. End of story so I thought.
Fast forward to now. Same symptoms start up again. Tried the epidural in the neck which didnt help. I also find out from the nuerosurgon that the previous fusions didnt work. Meaning that they havent moved but they are being held in place with the plate. August 17th I went back in for surgery where they did the Anterior cervical discectomy with plating on the c4-5 and then put a larger plate and screws that spans my c4-7 discs.
I am currently off work and am scheduled to go back to work on September 7th but we shall see. My Dr put me off for 6 weeks and I am cleared at work for 6 weeks but I doubt I will be out that long. If anything, it would be until I go back to the DR on the 17th which would be 4 weeks.

Friday, August 13, 2010

cherry hills- 2010

This year for our family outing, we spent 3 days at Cherry Hills. Not everyone was able to make it but we had fun. On Friday after riding up on the bus to oakcrest ( 3rd time that week) to ride home with the girls as a chaperone, Maleece and I took off and headed up to play in water. It was alot of fun but unfortunately, I forgot my camera over at the water park so the only pictures you get are us lounging around after dinner at our camp site.
We had alot of bonding time just hanging out hearing about all the funny things my brothers use to do when they were younger. good times!!I am in charge of the outing next year and it will be at Lava Hot Springs.

Oakcrest-one last time

One of the perks of my calling was getting to go to Oakcrest for visitors night. Here are a few pictures of the girls. As usual, it was alot of fun!!

The best ward of all- my ward!

A little run in with a ball.

10th warders waiting for their Bishop.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


If nothing in life is as constant as change, why doesnt it get easier?
Well, it is official,after 4 very short years, (In a couple of weeks) I will be released from one of the best callings I have ever had and I am finding it a very hard change. I know it is inevitable but it came way to soon for me. We werent suppose to say anything until stake conference but since Jean got a new calling today in our ward, it is pretty much not a secret anymore.
I have had such a wonderful time working with the Young Women of our stake and their leaders and will truly miss them.
Here is to what ever lies ahead.