Thursday, August 26, 2010

My hardware-

About 5 years ago, I started having problems with my neck hurting and began losing strength in my left arm. After an MRI, I was sent to a nuerosurgen because 3 of my cervical discs were protruding into my spinal cord. After a long time of epedural shots, nerve conduction therapy and Physical Therapy, surgery was the last resort. They went in and replaced two of the discs with donner bone and put a metal plate with 6 screws over the discs. End of story so I thought.
Fast forward to now. Same symptoms start up again. Tried the epidural in the neck which didnt help. I also find out from the nuerosurgon that the previous fusions didnt work. Meaning that they havent moved but they are being held in place with the plate. August 17th I went back in for surgery where they did the Anterior cervical discectomy with plating on the c4-5 and then put a larger plate and screws that spans my c4-7 discs.
I am currently off work and am scheduled to go back to work on September 7th but we shall see. My Dr put me off for 6 weeks and I am cleared at work for 6 weeks but I doubt I will be out that long. If anything, it would be until I go back to the DR on the 17th which would be 4 weeks.


Material Mary said...

Your having a time. I'm so sorry. Get better soon!

Gina Hurst said...

LeeAnn told me about your surgery, I hope all is going well! I am sorry to hear that you are going through this! Get well soon!