Friday, April 1, 2011

Pattern Company

I've decided not to persue my pattern Company right now so I have canceled the blog.  I may do some designing for material Girls and if I do, i will keep you all posted. 

I am so excited for my upcoming trip to New York in June. Since it didnt really seem like I was needed/wanted at Trek, I decided to go on my own vacation.   My "3rd" sister Wendy and her family are moving back to Utah the end of the Summer so this is my last time to get to New York while they are there.  I do have to say I LOVE NY!! 

Some of the other things going on in my life include:

* sewing 12 skirts for Trek
* making bags
* making a king size quilt for my boss's son.

Keep watching for updates on my fitness post.

1 comment:

Material Mary said...

Good luck in your endeavors. Have a ball in New York.