Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding quilt

Well, the KING size wedding quilt top is finally done.  I only had to unpick it all once so I consider that pretty good.  Getting those lines to match up was the not so fun part.  Now it is off to my favorite quilters Eagle Moutain Quilting to have all over squares quilted into it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yesterday I had the opportunity to take my mom and dad down to American Fork to my Dad's only living siblings 90th Birthday party. They had a sister Carma who died several years ago. We didnt stay too long but it was good to see Uncle Reid and his side of the family.  My Dad can't see too well (damn diabetes) so as some of his nieces and nephews would come up and give him a hug, I usually had to tell him who it was.  I was suprised though because he could tell who most of them were by their voices.  It is so hard to see my Dad getting old!!  I do have to say my uncle looks pretty good for 90 years old.