Saturday, July 16, 2011

300th post!!!

I can not believe I have posted 300 times.  If only I could do a better job of making this my daily journal and then I would feel good about my journal writings.  Maybe someday soon.

Just a couple of things on my mind today- 

1- Every July I look forward to going to girls camp and love spending time with everyone there.  This last year, I was released from the Stake and I was pretty sad that I wouldnt have the opportunity to go to camp any more.  I was pleasantly surprised earlier this year when I was put in the ward YW presidency.  We have a small but great group of girls. I have asthma and it seems eEvery year, by the end of camp, I am wearing a mask and  have had to have a priesthood blessing.  The dust kills me! 

This past year for our stake craft, we decorated pavers.  During this past year, a few very special people went up and layed them in the amplitheater.  This was in no way done for me but can I tell you how wonderful camp was this year.  I was only able to go 1 day but the gravel and pavers really kept the dust down and I made it without a mask! Thank You!!!

2-  The past couple of Saturday's I have used scraps and put together quilt tops.  It keeps me busy and I have something to show for it when it is done.  Stay tuned for a Rudolph and Halloween (not together) quilt.

3- My very best friend and her family are moving back to Utah the end of this month from New York.  I am so excited to have them back here and see them more than once a year.

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Material Mary said...

That scrap quilt is a real winner!!