Monday, August 8, 2011

Can you believe it...

 I was having pains in my chest last week and wasnt sure what it was so I went to the Dr last week. After a chest xray and EKG, thankfully it wasnt my heart. I guess I somehow managed to bruise my sternum. The only thing I have been doing that could have caused it was cutting out a gazillion pieces for the quilts I have been making. 
Who does that????  I guess a dull blade and several layers of fabric equals alot of pain!!

On a funner note, here is what I did on Saturday with my niece.  I supervised as she cut and sewed her string quilt and then I sewed the outside border on my halloween quilt. 

Here's to a great week.


Des said...

Shauna!! I am so sorry! I am glad that is wasn't anything too serious though. The quilts look amazing as usual. :)

Material Mary said...

Get feeling better. The quilts look great!

Michelle S. said...

Shauna! I know that pain! I am so glad that it was only quilting related and not something else!

I love the new pictures of the quilts! Take it easy with the gazillion piece cutting!