Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lava Hot Springs

It was my turn this year to do the family outing and we went to Lava Hot Springs. Not everyone was able to make it but those that did said they had alot of fun. On our way there and back, we stopped in Tremonton and had lunch at a park.  The 2 1/2 hour drive isnt bad but it helped break it up and the kids enjoyed the rest. 

Peyton taking her turn at the Pinata.

Garrett had it swinging!





Even Jordan took a swing at it...once it was already broken.

and the loot!!  Thanks Leeann, the kids had a great time!

Garrett liked the decapitated head.

Wednesday night the girls decided to paint their aunts ( Dana and Shauna) toe nails.  This is me with two different set of toes.

Peyton did Dana and she was such a hoot.  She painted all of Dana's toes.

and then some.

Her own beautiful nails.

Her camp fire Wednesday night.

Unfortuantely studying was also done.  Almost done Tyler!!
They had a couple of speed slides.  This is Kyndra going down.




Ivie or kennali


A bunch of us enjoying the water.  Even Mom got in but if I posted the picture, she would kill me.

Gaelynn drying off.

Getting ready to go to the Hot Pools
Kyle and Nate jumping off the platform

Enjoying the mildest pool at 107 degrees.

enjoying the 2nd hottest pool.  ouch!!

It was so cute, Garrett wanted to hold his cousins hand.

Nate and Kennali riding the river.

Shelley, Taryn, Iviemarie, and Maleece screaming as they came by us.  I guess the water was cold.  Go figure!!

We played cards.

Read and just enjoyed everyones company.

Can't forget the 20 to 30 trains that made their way around the mountain. 
I think this will be a place we go back to for sure.

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Wendy said...

Oh this brings back so many childhood memories! We went every single Memorial Day (my family still does in with our time share) HOpe you enjoyed it!