Thursday, December 29, 2011


I found this saying on a blog I follow and it is my new montra for 2012.  I LOVE it and it is so true.  As i approach a new year, i hesitate to make "goals" because i am horrible at keeping them but I feel like I need to so i am calling them "Plans" for the new year and since we all know the saying that a goal/ plan not written is only a wish, here are a few of my "plans" for the new year.

1-Be Happy!  Shouldnt be that hard but this is a daily struggle.
2- Be creative! 
3- Be healthy!  Notice I didnt say lose x amount of weight.  That just goes without saying.  My oldest brother this past year has done such an amazing job of getting healthy.  He is lean, mean, and a hottie.  I can't believe I just said that about my brother.  Oh well, its true.
4- Be more spiritual! I guess by this, I just want to be more focused in what I believe and read and study the scriptures more and get to the Temple more than once this next year.
5-Keep a Journal!  I don't have any posterity that would want to know what "mom" or "Grandma" use to do but sometimes it just feels good to write my feelings down.  Thank heavens journals are private  until you die.  I would be so embarrassed if someone read mine.
6- Be financially fit!

I think this is a good number of "plans" for 2012.  Stay tuned for progress reports!!

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