Saturday, January 21, 2012

My sore neck

A week ago yesterday, I woke to a pull and then pop in my neck. Not a good think when you have Degenerative diisc Disease and have a metal plate and 8 screws in the neck. It bothered me that day and with every day since, it just got worse and worse to the point where I had severe pain in my neck going up into my head.  Early Wednesday morning I ended up in the ER in severe pain.  Luckily the plate and screws were still in place but I somehow managed to severely pull the muscles in my neck.  It is amazing how much you do with those muscles.  I have been off work this past week due to the pain and the fact I couldnt hold my head up which is kind of a problem when you work on a computer all day.  I have a wonderful and concerned boss who has been patient with me and allowed me to be gone. In all of this I have had 2 quilts to complete which have both had alot of applqueing.  Luckily the NY quilt was finished but the Dodger one was still requiring a ton of work.  My sweet mother took over it and finished the appliqueing and sewed it for me so I would be able to make my deadline.  Now I just need to get it to my quilter!!

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Felix Worley said...

How's your neck right now, ShaunaB? That pain can be alleviated through physical therapy sessions or chiropractic manipulations. Your affected muscles will be relaxed, thus preventing further inflammation. I hope your neck and your back feel better, so you can continue to create more beautiful quilts.

Felix Worley