Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am such a slacker!  I havent updated this since the end of March and It has been an interesting couple of months. April started off with a new calling as the YW president. I love the YW and am so excited to continue working with them.  The next thing hit me hard and fast.  Pneumonia! I started feeling not great on Thursday and  end up with Bronchitis 0n friday. By Monday, I had full blown Pneumonia and spent a week off work.

Coming 2 weeks early the next thing that happened was a beautiful new niece. Sydney!  She has had some breathing issues and anfter spending a week in the hospital, she finally went home but with oxygen.  She is so tiny but such a cutie.

My younger brother graduated with his MBA and we took the kids to see their daddy walk.  They were so proud of him.