Friday, September 19, 2014


It isnt a full body shot but I think it shows some progress.  I am down 49 pounds.  I have about 68 more to go but I am happy with the results so far. A much thinner face.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Hero, My Dad

I decided I needed to revamp this post and add more pictures and document the weeks leading up to my fathers death.
 We noticed the change in him mostly around Memorial Day when he started becoming agetated especially in the evening.

That evening we had a fire and roasted marshmellows and he became very concerned with the fire and who was going to take care of it. Things just got worse that week and we finally convinced my mom that maybe we needed to get Hospice involved so my mom could get some help. We called and made arrangememts for them to come on Monday June 9th. By this time my dad was not really remembering who anyone was  but something very special happenend on the 11th. My mom told my dad the day was June 11th and asked him if he knew what that day was.  He thought for a minute and then said" that was the day I married you". That couldn't have been a better ending to that day. That was Wednesday. By Sunday morning he was in a coma.
That sunday was Fathers Day and every one (except Kyle) was able to be there to say there good byes.

His wonderful Hospice nurses said it could be  anytime from a few hours to a couple of days. We all thought there was no way my dad could hang on for very long as his breathing was 2 breaths per minute at that time but the fighter he was kept him going until 4:40am Wednesday June 18th.
I think he just wanted a few more nights of family time. We spent every day and night together until he passed and I think he could feel the love and the memories being shared and made and didn't want them to end. I can't even begin to tell you how much love I have for my brothers and the compassion they showed toward him in his final hours.
My brothers keeping vigil

When the time finally came, we were showered with kindness and love from many people. These flowers were from DMBA where Gaelynn and I work and the huge basket below is from our teams.

As we prepared for the funeral, we thought it was fitting that my brother who is a Bishop right now conduct the funeral. It was a very tender time for him as it was his first funeral and to have it be his dad's was special and hard. He had lots of great help though from a big brother who had been thru it a time or two.

Dad looked very good.
This flower spray was from his grandkids! he was a lover of BYU. We asked Lynette to be in charge of getting the flowers and since not everyone is a BYU fan, she added a bit of red for UTAH which was great! We all loved it and I am sure Dad loved it too!

This spray was from us kids. There is a story behind the outhouse, fishing pole and wallet that he was well known for and he would have loved this!
Just a few of the other flowers...

My Dad got a police escort. Thanks to my brother being Chief and the force wanting to do something nice for him. I am sure Dad loved it!!

We are so blessed to have great family and friends.

 Nephews carrying grandpa. Garrett was excited and had to get a new suit. He told his mom and dad that Grandpa use to carry him and now he got to carry him. So sweet!

       Dad and his kids

Our dear dad, Dale Blake Burnett was born to Ida Thayn and Joseph Garrett Burnett in Desert, Utah on february 20, 1934 in a railroad house in the 12 miles north of Green river in the middle of the Desert.  Later in his life he moved to Salt Lake with his parents where he graduated from Granite High School. Although he attended The university of utah for a short time, his love has always been for the blue and white of BYU.  Dad met the beautiful Carole Moulton when she was 16 and he was leaving on his mission to the Eastern States. Upon his return, theu married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 11, 1957, making her  "THE" Carole Burnett.

Dale served in many church callings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including Bishop of the Murray 11th Ward. He worked for Buehner block but retired from Beneficial Life as a computer programer. Dad made many life lomng friends during his tenur there.  Dale loved woodworking, fishing, camping, and spending time with family. Although he lapsed in to a coma on sunday, you could tell by his twitching he could hear everyone that was around. We kept a constant vigil but it wasnt until Monday night when all 8 children spent the night with my mom for the first time in 34 years that his heart finally gave out.  He loved his family and cherished every minute we spent together.

He is survived by his wife, Carole; Their children, include GaeLynn, Craig, his wife (Lynette), Scott (Lou Ann), Cary (Shelly), Dana, Shauna, Thayn (Alison), Tyler (LeeAnn); 23 grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren; and his brother, J. Reid Burnett.  Preceded in death by his parents and sister, Carma Moore.

Funeral services will be held Monday, June 23, 2014, at the Murray West Stake Center, 5750 S. Nena Way at 12 Noon, with a viewing prior from 10:30-11:30 a.m. An evening viewing will also be held Sunday, June 22, 2014 from 6-8 p.m. at the Murray West Stake Center.  Interment: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.

The family would like to thank IHC Hospice service for the love and care that was given to our father, especially RN Jeannie, and aides Angela and Leslie.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Dad- Happy Fathers Day!

The past few weeks have brought new adventures every day. My dear old dad has suffered from Diebetes, Dimentia, and kidney disease. Over Memorial Day weekend, it was as if a switch flipped and he has started going down hill pretty fast.

We decided to start him on Hospice to give my Mom some help.  Little did we know it was not a moment too soon. The next day he lost the use of his legs so he can stand for just a minute which means no more going to the bathroom.  My mom and I haven't quite mastered the diaper change and he is trying to be patient but its hard. :)

About this same time, he has become increasingly adjitated and we have started him on meds to calm him down.

 I had a sweet experience the other night to serve him. He was anxious and trying to stand up and wanted to go to bed but we felt it was too early so I asked him (not really expecting him let me) if he wanted me to put dome lotion on his feet and rub his legs. yuk! At first he said very infaticly NO! but after I asked him again, he got a Grandpa Burnett smurk on his face and agreed to it. So for the next 20-30 minutes I sat in front of him and rubbed his feet and legs. It felt good to feel him relax for a few minutes.

I love my Dad and am so Thankful for  everything he has done for me and now for the opportunity I have to give back to him. Not sure how much longer he will be with us but I will cherish  every moment.  Even if it is at 3:00 in the morning and I am kneeling on the side of his bed rubbing his arm or head trying to get him to go back to sleep. I am sure he did it for me!

more quilts

This quilt went from 6 paint chip colors to this. I think it turned out pretty good. It was for a lady at work that asked to me to make it for her son who was getting married.
This quilt is for another one of my co-workers husband.  I designed the pattern.  Now on to the quilters.