Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer fun 2015 part 2

This is the newest member of the Burnett family. His name is Blake.

What else do you do when sister is trying to pick some fabric from the scrap bin... you start a fabric fight.

Our family get together this year was put on by Craig and Lynette and was a lot of fun. The first evening we went to their house for a BBQ and then we rented out the Murray swimming pool which was fun, even for me who didnt swim.
The next day was Friday and we met for dinner at the park- we got dinner from the food trucks that come esch friday. After that we watched the movie in the park which was frozen. fun!!
Saturday evening they went to the Bee's game. I didnt go as I could not sit in those hard chairs.

On saturday August 1st another exciting thing happened, Max was baptised.

We also had a fun week with tyler and leeanns kids as they were gone with girls camp. Ivie, Maleece and Kennali came over and played alot with them which was a huge help.