Thursday, July 2, 2015

3rd time the charm...or so they say

I just finished my 3rd surgery in 6 months and really wish I could say I felt 100% but then I guess I need to be patient. This  time however, it is with a new surgeon and he is being extra careful to make sure the bone is going to fuse this time. I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Reischman and he never put me in a hard collar. It's not very fashionable but it does provide stability to my neck.
This new Dr also ordered a bone stimulator to help the bones grow faster. One big draw back besides also being fashionable is that it gives me headaches. He wants me to wear it 4 hours a day but right now I am lucky if I get 45 minutes.  Oh well, I will work up to it.

I am cautiously opptimistic that this is going to work. 

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