Monday, July 20, 2015

My Reality

I think it is finally time i come clean with something i have been dealing with for several years now.  No, it isnt an addiction or anything like that.  Its a little thing called a chemical imbalance;aka Depression.

I promise it isnt contagious so there is no need to run and hide; Although genetically I really wish I could have been able to, Thanks but no thanks Grandma Burnett!!

I generally can manage it fairly well with medicine and sometimes some talk Therapy since sometimes I just need to be reminded that the dumb things I tend to overthink are just that, DUMB and I am as special as anyone else and I deserve to be happy too! It is times like this when Satan starts telling me that because I am 47, single, no children, I am NOTHING! I have to dig deeper and remind myself that this saying is so true and that I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!

I have THE best family! Last week I sent my brothers& sisters a txt and let them know how I was feeling and that I could use their prayers. The replies were nothing short of heaven sent.

A couple of my good friends brought me flowers today and came by and visited. So thankful for friends and family who are ready and willing to do anything for someone in need.

I feel like I am on the mend.  Not quite better but getting there. I'm working on getting back to where I choose to feel this way again:

I want to also add (Thanks to Desirae) I CHOOSE to live a Courageous life!

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